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Is responsible for preparing contracts and other legal documents to customers to be concluded an operation with LIBERTY CORPORATION. These documents do not generate costs for customers and are adaptable to the terms have been agreed to carry out the operation.

This legal support streamlines operations, gives you control and legal certainty to the client.

Give the public its services to address issues of Real Estate, Corporate, Civil and Commercial Law. In addition to extensive real estate infrastructure and modern technology platform, the lawyers within it are scholars of law and years of experience behind them. They know the importance of customer service and legal efficiency they require.

Perform work or financial link between the litigants (individuals or corporations against banks and other credit institutions and assistants, as well as against other individuals or corporations).

Analyzes and integrates records to represent the client before notaries public, other law firms or public or private agencies, in order to regulate the affairs of customers

The LIBERTY CORPORATION Legal Department also offers legal advice on the above agreements and areas of application of these.