It is a real estate services firm, financial and legal community that offers affordable alternatives, practical and fast for the acquisition of real estate, business and economic strengthening legal regularization of property holdings.

Liberty Corporation offers various real estate services to meet market demand, meeting the needs of its customers, from any appearance applied between its real estate is located: Sale and Rent, Buying and Estate Brokerage and Valuation

We offer various financial services available to access the home buying, financing or factoring a business is affordable for you, we offer financial services at your fingertips with great facilities for you to take and get your goal. Acquisition of Property, Working Capital and Financial Factoring

Already consolidated our business system and organizational structure, LIBERTY CORPORATION under a continuous media process has been integrating new twists related to the real estate industry, financial and legal, diversifying its fields of action in order to offer customers services ranging from the first contact to the signing of the contract, exposed the problem resulting benefit. That chain of related turns allows us to systematically streamline business operations with customers and solve their legal issues.